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"HEAVEN" (2021)


"PIPPIN" (2019)

I was so lucky to collaborate and perform with the cast and crew of "Pippin"by Stephen Schwartz. Directed by Jennifer Holmes, I was given the opportunity to have a role in the creative process of the Whittier College Theatre Department's spring 2019 musical production. There is nothing better than to be able to create, rehearse and open a show with some of your closest friends! The many hours, days, weeks and months spent with such a talented and supportive group of people has left me with some amazing memories.


"BREATHE" (2016)

"Breathe" is a short film highlighting a fictional post-apocalyptic world, following the consequences of human neglect for the environment. In this 'world', society completely shuts out nature, until someone makes an amazing, but forbidden, discovery. This project gave me a lot of insight and a first look at the intricacies of film work. As my first film role working with green screen, without any scripted dialogue or other characters, I had the welcomed challenged of using my imagination and finding creative ways to portray their story. Thank you to the students of Singapore Polytechnic for having me be a part of their incredible production!


"EURYDICE" (2015)

"Eurydice" was a combined performance by the Singapore American School drama and dance delegates for the IASAS (Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools) Cultural Convention in 2015, under the direction of Tracy Van der Linden and Thomas Schulz. For the first time in IASAS history, drama and dance were combined to create an hour long piece - an adapted version of Sarah Ruhl's script of "Eurydice". The creation of this show was a gruelling process, from individual character development, finding the balance between dance and drama (and seeing where we can merge the two), to multiple revisions and changes just days before the show. In the end, the entire cast felt so accomplished and proud of the finished piece. I grew so much as an actor and dancer from this experience, especially with understanding the importance of physicality and movement, along with facial expression and delivery of the text to translate the story to an audience.

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Thank you EyeCon Productions Singapore for having me on this incredible cast! This teenage rom-com TV series follows Song, as she discovers a pair of magical shoes that transforms her into "Danz" an outgoing and talented character. With her new confidence, she takes the stage to audition for the role of Cinderella in her school play despite her stiff competition. This show, broadcasted in Singapore on the OKTO channel, can now be watched on Toggle Live TV.

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"EAT, PLAY, LOVE" (2013)

The production of "Eat, Play, Love" was my first IASAS Cultural Convention experience, performing at the International School of Manila in 2013. Along with seven other drama delegates, we performed a compilation of scenes depicting couples, families and friends as they navigate their complex relationships. This week long convention featured performances from other international schools around Southeast Asia, as well as multiple guest workshops to learn and improve our craft.





2011 - 2015

I first joined the theatre program in middle school, participating in theatre and improv classes. My very first role in a musical was in "Sweet Charity" in 2012. Under the instruction of Thomas Schulz, Singapore American School's high school theatre teacher and director, I went on to perform in the school's productions of "Return to the Forbidden Planet", "Eat, Play, Love" and "Eurydice". 



2015 - 2019

I graduated from Whittier College with a B.A. degree in Theatre and Communications Arts in May 2019. Under the instruction of Jennifer Holmes, Gil Gonzalez, Brian Reed and Monica French, I got involved in nearly every aspect of the theatre as I could, taking courses in play analysis, voice and movement, make up, theatre technology and design, set construction and stage direction.